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Looking for something to read? Here's a list of articles that I've stumbled upon that have influenced me one way or another.

Because of 4AM

Brett Hagler -- 2016-07-27

Personal Accountability - A Requirement for Life Advancement

Todd Smith -- 2010-10-07

13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

Zdravko Cvijetic -- 2016-12-26

These Habits Will Dramatically Improve Your Life

Dr. Travis Bradberry -- 2016-12-07

Good code is its own best documentation

Amit Shekhar -- 2016-08-06

9 Tricks to Appear Smart in Brainstorming Meetings

Sarah Cooper -- 2016-10-03

8 Habits of People With Amazing Determination and Willpower

Jeff Haden -- 2015-11-10

You've got to find what you love

Steve Jobs -- 2005-06-14

Mistakes I Made (as a Developer)

Miquel Beltran -- 2016-06-11